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"In the Welter / Identifying " 1980
(Sometimes referred to as In the Welter or The Raft of Olivia)

This piece was inspired by a book I accidentally found “Olivia by Olivia”, while browsing the Pratt library. 
According to some it is a precursor to the “Well of Loneliness” by Radclyffe Hall.


The opening lines of the book.....

“In the welter of the surrounding storm
I have created this little raft out of the
salvage of my memory”

......were scrawled on the wall at 22 Wooster Gallery.


The raft was built on rockers and viewers were invited to sit on the raft and  listen to the artist reading from the book. 
Two cassette players were hidden within the raft.
Artifacts inscribed with the name Olivia were set aside on an alter-like table.

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