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Object Spirit

Object Spirit, like Icons, uses found objects from the natural world and from urban settings as essential elements for these constructed assemblage pieces.The discarded materials are charged with life, their beauty unnoticed and their utility undervalued.

These found objects are used as inspiration and resource materials in the above sculptural works.

I am struck by nature and its power, intrigued by the remnants. The cycle of life is inherent in all things.

Branches, roots, stones, shells, bones, and other elements found during walking meditations are selected spontaneously and intuitively.


Finding a way, through presentation, juxtaposition, and innuendo into new realms of perception is my ambition. These pieces are intended to be peepholes or portals to other worlds, connecting heaven and earth. During the creation of these pieces my psyche wanders through history, myth, magic, and religion;

I create my own symbols with new interpretations using very simple means of construction.

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