"Loving II", 2002, mixed media, variable size
"Of Will and Desire", 2000, mixed media, variable size
"Loving II", 2002, mixed media, variable size
"Alchemical Light", 2002, Unryu Paper, Gouache, glass, pigments, wood.
"Red feather and jingle shell", Mixed Media, 30"x 20"x1", 2005
"Of Will and Desire", 2000, mixed media, variable size
"Elemental Bird/Sun" Unryu Paper, gouache, wood, feathers, cording.
"Mama's Morning Dew", 2009, Unryu paper, gouache, copper leaf, hand print, wood, feathers, cording.
"Will and Desire" detail 1,
2000, mixed media, variable size
"Will and Desire" detail 2, 2000, mixed media, variable size
"Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow" 2001, Mixed Media, Seaweed
"Loving" 2000, mixed media, variable size
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Banners, Objects, Watercolors, Books and Constructions

Materials   include paper and papier-mâché, wood, feathers, and paint.

These books, banners and scrolls, are constructed using a variety of handmade decorative paper, ink, gouache, collage materials and a variety of objects found in nature.


The title "Scriptures" refers to the act of drawing and writing and the sacred in each person. In creating these works I attempt to capture the   essence of the spirit which is connected to the act of art-making.


The books are personal in nature, written and constructed in a stream of consciousness and not edited. The banners and scrolls are proclamations of psychic workings, and alchemical notions in the individual

Gravestone Rubbings

A series of drawings/monotypes created in 1990-91. The rubbings were taken from a graveyard in Cummington, Massachusetts. These gravestones date to the 1600's and 1700's. The monotypes were created after the death of my father in the Netherlands. Shape and size are determined by gravestone, and range from 12 to 60 inches. The materials used are, crayon, ink, and gouache on rice paper.

"The Meeting"
"The Passage"
"The Book of Life"
"The Visionary"
"Passage from my Father"
"Virgin Bride"
"As above so below"
"Together now"
"Angel at my side"
"Mother of many"
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