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"Fit and Flab Diaries" 1985 
22 Wooster Gallery (22 Raw - basement installation) 
A collaborative installation and performance work by Olivia Beens, Ian Prior and Diane Spodarek

Drawings and posters lined the Basement Gallery Space where "Fit & Flab" lived on weekends.
Performances were scheduled throughout the day and were both scripted and imporvised. 

Fit and Flab are single working mothers with children. They become neighbors after moving into premium New York City space -- individual 4 by 10 feet basement cubicles for $900 per month. The “New World Man” who already lives in the basement is a man.  Fit and Flab become good friends after discovering that they both put a personals ad (these ads were actually placed) in the East Village Eye.

FIT ARTIST 36, Bodybuilder SWF seeks New World Man, sensitive, rich, smart, strong biceps and flat stomach30-40 for picnics in mid-winter. NO HEALTH FREAKS.

Charming, sensitive, body of steel seeks the New World Woman. Must be independent, willing to risk it yet down to earth, honest enough to admit she is right.

FLAB ARTIST 36, charming SWF seeks the New World Man, warm, intelligent, secure, politically progressive, 26-30 for conversation, entertainment, relaxation. Send your poem or song, description. Write.

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