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The Installations, Performances and Enactments are all inspired by Bellini's painting of "St. Francis In Ecstasy" which can be seen at the Frick Museum in New York City. 

The artist/sculptor/performer was moved by the painting and inspired by the life of this great saint. The painting depicts the cave entrance of the St Francis' dwelling and his meditation chamber in a beautiful landscape. The sculptor was initially drawn to the table constructed outside of the cave and decided to re-create to replicate part of the painting. 
Later the installation became a stage for performance. 

The sculptural installation was originally shown at Goddard-Riverside Gallery. The piece was reconstructed at ABC No Rio with performance, slides of the painting are projected while the artist transforms herself into the opening of the cave wearing black, emerging with flowers as St. Francis, music by Ann McMillan who transforms city noise into sounds of nature. Children in the audience spontaneous made shadows on the screen. 

In the enactments the artist poses as St. Francis in a "hidden garden" dicovered in Inwood Park in 1986. The garden we believe may have been created by a homeless individual. The enactments were exhibited at Artists Space.

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