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The Saytr Silenus 1984 

A series of Performance works where the artists uses the character Silenus
(Greek mythological figure and foster-father of Dionysus, god of orgiastic festivals including wine, women and song) as alter-ego.

"Silenus and the Phone Stranger" with Alan Moore performed for Carnival Knowledge at Franklin Furnace where a stranger calls conducting an unscripted sex survey.

"Silenus’ Summer Romp" at Cummington Community of the Arts involving many other artists during a residency. The Romp celebrated the creative forces and sacred places of the community including the cemetery, pound—circular structure for penning in lost animals, the octagon a hut in the woods. "

 "Vito and Silenus Fashion Show" with Diane Spodarek at the Limbo Lounge.

 "Silenus Gets A Job, Silenus Must Get A Job" performed at Inroads 
Soundtrack included 50’s music “GET A JOB” by the Silhouettes, Welfare Cadillac by Guy Drake, Got A Job by Harvey and the Moonglows, incorporated slides, and explored the notions of work, single parent-hood, and romance in the midst of economic decline.

"The Cyclops", a video-play by Mindy Stevenson for Potato Wolf a cable TV show with Colaborators

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